Industrial Days Downtown Gadsden Alabama First Annual Event 2017

A Job Fair and Networking Event for industry, job seekers, educators, recruiters, and more. A one of a kind event for our Area, and our State.

This event is a Celebration of The Northeast Alabama’s workforce and industry. It is for employees, employer, educator, and all civic minded people in our area. Please Help Me put together like minded people to create an Event that will profit all involved. This will draw regional and National attention to our area. It will promote growth and economic prosperity for our region. It will be a testament to our resolve and ingenuity. It will promote the workers, industry, people and resources of our area. All I am asking is to get involved. Involved on any level. This Event is open to all. Showing up is involvement. If you want to go deeper just e-mail or contact me and find out the many ways you can help.

Five Star 5k is a 1K – 5K – 25K to 50k Walk Run Ride Job’s for our returning troops.

This event will raise awareness about our returning Vets and military personnel that are looking for Jobs in our area. A time for fun, competition and awareness. It will be held on the weekend before Industrial Days but will be the lead in for that whole week. We will invite area running clubs, as well as active and non-active military, the area companies, education institutes, schools, business, and other groups that will participate in the industrial days. Giving all the opportunity to sponsor the event for charity and get their group recognized for doing so. The Five Star 5k Also includes a competitive and non-competitive 5k boot hump and T-shirts, posters and more!

Lectures and Lunch

“Lectures and Lunch” will happen over several weeks leading up to the week of Industrial Days. Events will occur at different locations, at high schools, our convention center, Noccalula falls park, amphitheater, accordingly. All focus for these will be on Jobs, Job creation, training and education. We will look to our Educators, Manufactures, CEOs, health industry, Utilities, Military, or representatives of our local and area employers, local Government officials, for speakers. Each lecture will conclude with a question and answer secession fallowed up with a lunch, and meet and greet. This lunch could be a pick-nick, catered meal, lunchroom. This is all open for interpretation.

This lecture tour will end on the Last Saturday on the last day of the event. A Brown bag event around noon to include State, local, and hopefully National officials, mixed with local and area CEOs, business leaders, educators and more, location to be determined downtown or by the river somewhere.

Industrial Days Posters and T-shirt Contest

There will be a Poster and T-shirt design contest for the event. At least on our second annual event. Invitations to this contest will be sent out to our Local and area colleges, and schools, and open to all art associations, and professionals around the state. Judging for this event will be by an appointed committee. Winners will be announced before the event on the web site. Then a cash and print prize to be awarded to the winner, and on the last day of Industrial Days, and signing of posters and shirts by the winning artist.

The posters and t-shirts will be available through the web site for sale by advanced order, and at retailers all weeks leading up to and during the event. Name drops on shirts for groups will be made available for sale, again with paid up front and 4 week notice, and Logo shirts the day of the event with the Sponsors of the events on the back for sale and giveaway as long as the last.

Meet the Governor at the event on the last Saturday of Industrial Days after A brief kick off speech for the Day’s Festivities.

Downtown Event

The local retailers and building owners in the Downtown area would team up with Employers of the area and others. Such as area companies, trades, educators, governmental agencies, military recruiters, to create areas inside /outside their buildings for booths or tables. The booths /areas would serve as information and Networking areas. Areas for students, prospective employees, government officials, skilled labor, subcontractors and all others that attend. A place to meet and get information on that particular company, trainer, educator, recruiter, trade, governmental agency and more, such as, to learn what they have to offer, what it will take to get employed, to become a part of their organization, pick up an application, get names, numbers, websites, e-mails, basic contact information. This also so gives the employers, recruiters, and educators a chance to meet and find their future work force, students, apprentice, subcontractor.

This Downtown Event will be spread over a few days in order to facilitate appropriate times for the different meet and greets, between the different groups.

High School Groups.

This will happen during class times in order to get good participation will be open to all the area school systems, public, private, and home school groups.

College, Trade schools, technical training, and adult education groups

This will be done on a different day than that of the high schools, and run later in the day to facilitate times for people with different jobs and schedules. This could also be the day to invite all other job seekers and the public.

Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Distributers, Logistics Transportation, and skilled Labor Day.

This will be a time for a meet and greet for subcontractors, suppliers, distributers, logistics transportation labor, skilled labor, craftsmen, to trade cards, seek employment, employees. Smaller Businesses the opportunity to meet the larger Manufactures, Companies, and Bigger Businesses. A chance find out what the Educators, schools have to offer in the way of continuing education, and students to hire. Business to talk to higher learning on what kind of employee, and training, they are looking for. And how to better prepare all for a job today’s workforce.

Industrial Days will End in a Celebration in the Streets of Downtown Gadsden, Family fun, for all ages and taste with Music, Games, Food and ending with A word from our Mayor then Fireworks over Gadsden at the end of the day.

Thank you,

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